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Work to start on 3rd unit of Karachi K3 nuclear plant in Pak

TIME:2016-05-31 13:04 AUTHOR:admin SOURCE:未知 VIEWS:
Company also reports progress in promoting its technology to countries like Algeria and Sudan
Construction is expected to start next month on the third unit at the K3 plant-the Karachi nuclear power plant using a reactor developed by China National Nuclear Corporation.
The plant is being built by CNNC using Hualong One, its own third-generation nuclear reactor design.
CNNC spokesman Pan Jianming said on Monday it is the second nuclear power project in Pakistan to use the Hualong One technology, after construction started at the K2 plant in August last year.
"Hualong One was developed based on very mature technologies and the project is going very smoothly. It will help ease power shortages in the Karachi region after completion," Pan told a forum in Fuqing, Fujian province, where the Hualong One pilot project is based.
CNNC has been accelerating its efforts to sell the technology to overseas buyers, and Pan said inroads have been made this year with countries such as Algeria and Sudan.
Although still at the early stages, he said an initial agreement has been reached with Algerian energy authorities for the development of a nuclear research center. The two parties will look at the use of Hualong One technology, and also at renewable-energy projects.
The cooperation is expected to include technical and training services, in a country that has yet to develop any nuclear power stations.
CNNC signed a framework deal last week with Sudan to build a 600-megawatt atomic reactor, its first project in the African country.
Li Zhuoqun, deputy director of CNNC's nuclear power division, said: "One reactor may be worth several billion dollars, but there could be deals worth hundreds of billions of dollars further down the industrial chain.
China National Nuclear Power, a CNNC subsidiary, currently has 14 nuclear reactors in operation, with 11 under construction in China.



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